Sony Says PS Vita is Focused at Core Gamers, I Thank God

Sony Says PS Vita is Focused at Core Gamers, I Thank God

Once you’ve scorned a hardcore gamer, it isn’t very easy to make amends. Just look at Nintendo and their recently revealed Wii U console. Sure they say it’ll appeal to the hardcore audience and they’ve confirmed a few multiplatform titles for it, but people are still quite skeptical about their claims. I am among those people and I won’t believe a word they say until I see it – and play it, of course – for myself.

The PlayStation Vita, Sony’s next generation handheld console, will make no ifs, ands or buts about it: It wants hardcore gamers inside of it. PS Chief Jack Tretton stated:

“I’d like both of you, but if I had to get one, I’d rather get the gamer, because the mom may not buy the same amount of games. Gaming is our core strength and we’re going to play to our core.”

Mr. Tretton continued, saying that they planned to “go after the hardcore gamer”. All of this is really only reassuring what most gamers had already assumed after the PS Vita’s stats were revealed. Going gimmick-free and pleasing the core demographic is a commendable way of doing things. It simply isn’t the Nintendo way.