Sony Slashes Prices on 100+ PS4/PS3/Vita Games in New Flash Sale

on April 22, 2016 5:44 PM

Sony Interactive Entertainment launched a new sale on the North American PlayStation Store, and this little doozy is the equivalent of some of the best Steam sales, with over 100 games on sale across PlayStation’s three relevant gaming platforms.

Even better, some of these hits range from AAA exclusives to well received indies. Even the most prolific game collectors should be able to spot something they want to grab. The sale only lasts until April 25th, so you should snatch something up now if you see something you like.

What are you picking up? Let us know in the comments and check out the full list below:

Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.40.43Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.40.54Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.41.03Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.41.15Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.41.28 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.41.38 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.42.02 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.42.11 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.42.20 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.42.30 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.42.38 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.43.00 Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.43.09

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