Sony: Lower PS4 Sales Were Due to Wait for PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim; PlayStation VR Sales “On Track”

Sony: Lower PS4 Sales Were Due to Wait for PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim; PlayStation VR Sales “On Track”

During Sony’s quarterly financial briefing related to the three months ended on September 30th, Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida, Corporate Executive, Finance & Corporate Development Atsuko Murakami and Corporate Executive, Corporate Planning & Control and Accounting Kazuhiko Takeda talked more about the performance of the PlayStation business .

First of all, Yoshida-san explained that “The strong momentum of the business continues,” and gave a general overview on the sales of PlayStation VR, also mentioning the upcoming launch of PS4 Pro.

“Sales of PlayStation VR, which was launched in October, are on track; furthermore this month we plan to launch the PS4 pro, a high value added model.”

He also gave more color on the fact that PS4 shipments dropped slightly year-on-year (by about 100,000 units), attributing the change to the fact that people were waiting for the new PS4 slim and PS4 Pro:

“On the 15th of September, a new PS4 was launched and PS4 Pro will also become available in November. Therefore, people didn’t but the old PS4 model, as they were waiting for the new models. On the 15th of September we launched a new PS4 model, and sales are proceeding as expected, so with this new PS4 and also PS4 Pro the sales for this year are included in our forecast of twenty million, and we’re not changing that volume.”

We also heard about the performance of PlayStation VR across the answers to multiple questions on the topic:

“We haven’t mentioned the total unit volume, but we get a very good feeling about this. From computer graphics to live action, if we can expand this, there is a potential to expand the applications, and there is a corporate-wide effort being made to achieve this.”

“For PS VR, as you now, on the 13th of October we launched this product. North America, Europe, Japan and Asia… for every region there were very good sales and some of the stores reached low inventory level. The customers gave us a very favorable reputation. We haven’t disclosed any number and figures.

Since launch the number of units sold is on track, and the second half production plan has been revised upwards slightly. Existing users of PS4, especially core gamers… there are so many of them… But we would like to expand the customer base not only to games, but also other areas, so there is a corporate-wide effort on this. How this will turn out? Together with developers we would like to increase sales of VR, but now it’s too early to say anything definite.”

“Originally for PlayStation VR we focused on core gamers, to start with, so rather than pursuing scale or volume, we wanted to provide services to core gamers first. It’s not that we decreased or interpreted the target lower. It’s just that our main target  clientele was the core gamers. I don’t know of any production bottleneck.”

Last, but not least, Murakami-san also mentioned in reply to another question that sales of PS4 software and network sales “have demonstrated power and good momentum.”