Unnamed Sony First Party Studio Gains Another Former Naughty Dog Developer

Unnamed Sony First Party Studio Gains Another Former Naughty Dog Developer

Sony has added yet another former Naughty Dog developer to its unnamed studio working on an unannounced project that presumably started early last year.

James Martinchek, who worked as an animator at Naughty Dog for one month before jumping ship to Rockstar Games has jumped back into Sony according to a tweet from Quentin Cobb, currently a Senior Game Designer at Sony who is working at an unnamed studio on an unnamed project.

Cobb became Senior Game Designer in May of 2018 and teased a new project which has still gone with nary a detail. Cobb’s history started as a QA tester for Uncharted 2 and 3 before becoming a game designer for The Last of Us and Uncharted 4. Cobb left Naughty Dog in April 2017 for Daybreak Game Company before returning to Sony. Martinchek began development as an animator for inXile Entertainment from 2007-2011 before joining Naughty Dog in October 2015 and very soon after joining Rockstar Games as Senior Animator for Red Dead Redemption 2. With Red Dead now out he has returned to Sony once again, joining Cobb’s project.

Despite constant prodding on Twitter Cobb has remained quiet as to what he is working on and what studio he is working for, and while he hopes to be able to share information soon it apparently isn’t up to him as he responded, “I have no idea,” to a question about when he can reveal his studio.

A thread from ResetEra in April of 2018 pointed towards an unannounced project between Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica with a job listing stating that the studio was partnering with Visual Arts Service Group for motion capture and collaborating, “with a major Sony development studio,” presumably Naughty Dog. As Naughty Dog is currently working away on The Last of Us Part II and Cobbs’ and now Martinchek’s history as Naughty Dog developers, rumors abound about a new Uncharted game being developed by this new studio under the watchful eye of Naughty Dog.

The long in development hell Uncharted movie recently got Dan Trachtenberg of 10 Cloverfield Lane fame as its new director after ditching Shawn Levy. The movie will likely never come out but you can keep hoping while rewatching Nathan Fillion act as Nathan Drake in a recent fan film.