Sony: “The Vita Will Be a Driving Force Behind the Games Division”

on February 2, 2012 4:23 AM

That headline was said upon first mention of the PlayStation Vita during Sony’s 2011 3rd quarter earnings call. Former PlayStation boss and now newly appointed CEO Kazuo Hirai, had a good amount of explaining to do. Sony is two billion in the red, with all of their major businesses not performing up to par.

When asked about PlayStation Vita sales in Japan, Hirai mentioned that despite losses across the board, they’re optimistic that the Vita will show strong success, adding that “he’s not concerned.”

When questioned about exact sales numbers in Asia, Hirai once againĀ referredĀ to the 500k unit sell-through that was announced previously on January 10th. He also noted (in typical corporate fashion) “at this time, we have nothing to announce.” Considering this is only the 3rd quarter results, with analysts predicting a full year loss of 2.9 billion, it’s in Sony’s best interest (if the Vita isn’t selling to expectations) that they hold that card close to the chest, at least until the device goes on sale in the West where if there’s a successful launch, they should be able to turn that ship (and only that ship) around.

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