Sony to Integrate “New PlayStation Technologies” in Popular Engines like CryEngine, Unreal and More

Sony to Integrate “New PlayStation Technologies” in Popular Engines like CryEngine, Unreal and More

Sony Computer Entertainment has always been keen on technological innovation, and many are waiting for the next big attempt to revolution the gaming landscape. Some think it’ll be a new virtual reality headset to be announced at GDC, that will kick off tomorrow.

Whatever new technologies Sony is working on, they’re looking to integrate them with popular engines and middlewares, as indicated by a new career opportunity ad seeking a Game Engine and Middleware Software Engineer.

Sony PlayStation’s U.S. R&D Organization is looking for a talented engineer to join one of their software development teams. This engineer will work with game and middle-ware developers in order to integrate support for new PlayStation technologies. Knowledge of a wide variety of console game engines and middle-ware is highly desired. Examples of such engines and middle-ware are Bullet Physics Engine, CRI Middle-ware, CryENGINE, FMod, Havok, PhysX, Unity, Unreal Engine, WWise. Prior experience in developing games is highly desired. Specialized knowledge in either audio or computer vision is a plus. Imagination is essential. An ability to learn what is needed and get things done promptly is required.

Principle Duties / Responsibilities:
* Application- and library-level programming and debugging
* Implementing support for new PlayStation technologies in a variety of in-house and 3rd party middle-ware.
* Providing technical support to game developers for new PlayStation technologies
* Writing documentation

While we don’t know for sure what these “new technologies” could be, we’ll possibly have a chancer to catch a glimpse on them during the Game Developers Conference. On Tuesday Sony will host a promising panel titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony,” and something interesting could be unveiled there.