Sony Turns You Into A Composer With New Vita App, Imaginstruments

Sony Turns You Into A Composer With New Vita App, Imaginstruments

Always wanted to be a composer or DJ? Well, if you own a Vita, Imaginstruments may be the app for you.

Already introduced in Europe, Imaginstruments will be coming to North America soon, and will allow players to create their own music from scratch, and save it to their PS Vita memory cards.

You can see some screenshots of Imaginstruments below; you can also see the description of the game from the Playstation Blog:

Players can create whole songs from scratch and save them to on PS Vita memory cards. Using three distinct song creation tools, players can compose a virtually endless amount of unique music. Players can edit drum tracks in the “Passive” mode to create complex rhythms for their tracks, then switch over to “Active” mode to create melodies using instruments like the guitar or violin. The interface has been laid out to allow non-musicians an easy point of entry to create and craft songs without the need of a Ph.D in musical composition. We’ve also included a Sequencer mode, that takes parts of your drum and rhythm sequences to help you construct the song, and then record it. There are plenty of interesting ways Imaginstruments can enable you to begin crafting your very own songs on the PS Vita, and we recommend you try it out for yourself!

Vita owners may have come across Beats Trellis, a similar app that allows players to make simple tracks. Personally, it’s nice to see that you can actually save your creations (and assumedly play them on other devices): otherwise, what’s the point?

Expect this app to come to a Vita near you this Vita, along with some more Vita digital content that “is soon to come,” according to the PS Blog. Is this more good news for the Vita?