Sony Unveils "Long Live Play" Campaign as a Celebration of the Loyal Playstation Gamer

It’s October 5 — and for those of you who have been keeping track at home, today is the day Sony would unveil the secret behind the mystery trailer it revealed last week. And unveiled it they have, with a brand-new extended version of the trailer to boot.

Playstation fans will find a sea of familiar faces in this video; a grimy Nathan Drake flirting with pink-haired heroine Lightning Farron at the bar, Metal Gear’s Snake curled up in the corner and blending in with the walls, looming Kratos, and a fist-sized Sack Boy are just a handful of the beloved characters featured here. This morning the official Playstation blog reported that it took months to compile and film the short, painstakingly stuffing it with as many Playstation Easter eggs as it could hold — which is a ton.

So what exactly is this “Long Live Play” campaign about?

In Early September, Sony asked fans to email photos of themselves holding PS3 controllers and describing in 30 words or less how they consider themselves the ultimate Playstation gamer. From the thousands of worldwide responses, Sony has chosen a handful of passionate gamers to represent the PlayStation Nation in their new Long Live Play campaign. Starting today, commercials for Long Live Play featuring the patrons of the Playstation bar in the trailer praising the accomplishments of these gamers will air on national television. Sony hopes the campaign will appeal to both fans and non-fans of the Playstation universe, showing them what it’s like to be immersed in the world of their games and why the Playstation 3 is such a compelling and beloved platform.

For those of you keeping you fingers crossed for a Sony/Playstation version of Super Smash Brothers, sorry to burst your bubble. For those of you who go nuts for video game cosplay and/or would get a huge kick out of seeing your favorite characters chatting each other up in a seedy bar, this campaign will surely spark your fancy.



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