Sony: “We Always Wanted to Get Into Motion”

on June 26, 2010 11:00 AM


During the wild week that was E3 2010, one of our biggest interviews didn’t actually take place on the show floor. Instead it was a couple of blocks away at the ultra swanky JW Marriot, and the interview was with Sony’s director of hardware marketing, Mr. John Koller. We asked John about the newly revitalized relationships with 3rd party publishers and Playstation Move’s influence with that. We also asked whether Move was created based on all of the motion-gaming competition or it was something that Sony wanted to do all along. We talk about Marcus Rivers and the new PSP campaign and John explains what the new push is all about. All in all, it’s a great interview and provides much insight following the Sony press conference and Playstation as a brand moving forward. Enjoy the clip!

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