Sony’s Adam Boyes: “PS4 Put Gamers First From the Start,” Microsoft Focuses on a “Wider Reach”

Sony’s Adam Boyes: “PS4 Put Gamers First From the Start,” Microsoft Focuses on a “Wider Reach”

The marketing message of the PS4 seems very focused on gaming, like its features set. It’s so much focused on games that Sony seems to have forgotten non-gaming features that some deem indispensible. VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes is very clear in mentioning that Sony has been very firm on that standpoint from day one, as he said in an interview on VentureBeat when asked about the Xbox One.

We’ve been focused from day one on gamers and the best video game content for games. I think [Microsoft has] been focused on a broader reach. PS4 put gamers first from the start. We learned our lesson on PS3, when we went a bit broader. Now we’re back to the basics of making the best console with the highest performance humanly possible.

Despite that, he still mentioned that multimedia features aren’t being overlooked, even if the focus remains on games.

No, we’ve talked about it. At E3, we talked about the stuff we’re doing with Sony Pictures. We’ve recently announced all the great video services we’re going to have online. So that’s absolutely part of it.

But primarily the focus is to have amazing game content. That’s why we put so much focus on putting in the GDDR5 [graphics memory], putting in a great GPU [graphics processing unit], being able to push as many pixels as possible — to deliver all that. I think we’ve built a really great ecosystem [with second-screen functionality with the PS Vita and companion apps, and with social sharing] that continues to extend that core gaming experience. We’re going to have other stuff here and there that complements smaller, bite-sized content, but that’s really our focus, and we’ve been doing a pretty good job so far.

It remains to be seen if such a strong focus on games will lead the console to success in today’s market, where so many devices try to do everything. Maybe going against the flow could indeed be a winning tactic, for once.