Sony’s Adam Boyes Talks E3 Conference, PS4, Competition, Never Getting Complacent: “Vita is Alive”

on June 17, 2015 6:32 PM

With the big E3 press conferences in the past, many executives are being asked their take on what we saw, and it’s the turn of Sony VP of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes, that gave a lot of insight on Sony’s stance, the competition and much more during a livestream on GameSpot. He also mentioned that PS Vita is alive and well, that nowadays is quite a bonus.

Check out below the most interesting points he made:

  • Boyes is proud of the conference, as there are many things that were done that people have asked for for a long time.
  • It was hard to see the fans asking for Shenmue III and say nothing despite knowing that it was coming.
  • There were two ways to do Shenmue III, one was to prepare documents and then spend twelve months in meetings to persuade the organization that the demand was there, the second was simply to go out and ask “do you love it?” and have people vote with their wallet.
  • Sony is getting behind Shenmue III in a “major way.”
  • According to Boyes, looking at the fall line-up, there are “a ton” of games on PS4 in general. Pressed on whether he’s worried about the competition with the Xbox One exclusives coming at the end of the year, Boyes mentioned that, as a gamer, he has so much to play on PS4 that he’s not worried about it.
  • Boyes thinks that first and third party teams work more in tune than ever before, and Sony’s press conference was an example of that, showing The Last Guardian, Horizon, then Battlefront, Call of Duty and Destiny. First and Third parties are working in tandem and there’s “a lot of great stuff.”
  • The goal of Boyes’ job is to get content for PlayStation fans where they can “play first, play more, play better.”
  • The bidding war between console manufacturers (including smaller ones like Amazon, Ouya and more) for indie games is more aggressive than even before, which as a fan is awesome, because it gives more opportunities to developers, more options for them to get funded and successful. Professionally, of course, it gets more challenging, but at the same time it also means that the quality bar has been raised compared to the early days of the PSN and Xbox Live.
  • As both Sony and Microsoft try to make more policies easier, the platform is breaking walls faster, and that means that developers are having an easier time developing for all platforms.
  • Sony is never complacent. They have a big global third party meeting this week where they’ll try to “break down more barriers and fix more stuff.” According to Boyes, there are so many more things they want to do with the platform, trying to prove it, make it better from a content perspective and from features perspective. They’re “hungrier” than ever before.
  • Boyes’ team is going to go back home on Monday and immediately start planning for Paris Game Show. While it might be hard to recreate some of the moments from this conference, with The Last Guardian, Shenmue and Final Fantasy VII, they keep grinding and trying to bring great stuff for the fans.
  • Vita is alive. Boyes is “super excited” for World of Final Fantasy, and there’s still a lot of stuff coming.
  • Sony couldn’t be more excited for Morpheus, but it’s hard to demonstrate on the stage. Anything more than what they have shown would have been less effective.
  • According to Boyes, the benefit Morpheus has in comparison with Oculus is that every PS4 has the same hardware, so that ensures that there are no frame rate drops and similar situations on all systems. When you have to work with variable hardware, you can’t have that benefit. The spectate feature is another advantage.

Personally, I’m not too surprised that we didn’t see much for PS Vita at the conference. It’s obvious that the attention now is on PS4. That said, I’m glad to hear that Sony still cares, even if I never doubted thought that the platform was dead, considering the many games that are getting announced, especially from smaller third parties. The Legend of Heroes anyone?

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