Sony’s Andrew House on PS4 and Xbox One: Graphical Differentiation Will Increase; Talks About the Future of Gaming

on November 30, 2013 4:43 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House was present at the PS4 launch in London and the folks at Game On TV managed to ask him a few questions. Of course the first was about the what differentiates the PS4 from the Xbox One and what makes Sony’s new console the definitive gaming device.

House’s answer was quite clear cut, and not only he mentioned that the PS4 has the graphical raw power over the competition, but that differentiating factor is only going to get bigger as time progress.

I’ll point out two things: I think that in terms of raw power, particularly expressed in graphics processing, I think it’s a phenomenal device and that we will see more and more differentiation on that aspect over time.

I think it’s fundamentally just the easiest system, I hear this from developers all the time, for them to get to grips with. And that’s important, because that’s what eventually translates into new, different and great game experiences that we haven’t seen before.

House also talked about the success of the console in the US and explained the philosophy behind the share button.

In addition to that, in the second part of the interview, House discussed the future of gaming, painting the same picture previously expressed by Shuhei Yoshida, with console-level content delivered via the cloud to devices that aren’t necessarily consoles, like smart TVs,  also mentioning that this scenario may emerge “more quickly that the industry had anticipated” and that Sony is going to be “at the forefront of that development.”

He concluded that the future of consoles is “actually very healthy” despite that, because that kind of cloud based distribution is going to open up new audiences and happen in addition to traditional delivery, without replacing it.

You watch both parts of the interview below.

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