Sony’s Announcing Something Big on December 12

Sony’s Announcing Something Big on December 12


“Hey, hey Bioware. Imma let ya have your own day to announce something, but Sony’s gonna have the best announcement of the whole week. The WHOLE WEEK.”

December 11th is the day of Spike’s Video Game Awards, where Bioware is teasing their new game and a new Guillermo Del Toro game should also be announced. So Sony’s pulling out the big guns, saying that they will announce their own game, which is a PS3 exclusive, the next day. For anyone somewhat lost, here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Spike’s VGA are getting more new game announcements than E3
  • A new Guillermo Del Toro game, to be published by THQ, should be announced.
  • Sony should announce their new game the day after
  • And somehow, Kinect and Gears of War are coming together during the VGAs.

While the first statement may not be true, it sure seems that way. I’m sure their announcement will be of Uncharted proportions.