Sony’s Fluster Cluck Is a Real Thing, PS4 Exclusive with Couch Multiplayer; Screenshots and Info Shared

Sony’s Fluster Cluck Is a Real Thing, PS4 Exclusive with Couch Multiplayer; Screenshots and Info Shared

A couple weeks ago we unveiled the tradermarkFluster Cluck” filed by Sony DADC, sparking speculation and hilarity about the use of such a strange and a little mischievous name.

Today the company sent in a press release finally explaining what it is about. It’s indeed a game, and unexpectedly it’s also a PS4 exclusive by Sony DADC’s internal studio LOOT entertainment.

The press release gives a brief explanation of the game’s backstory and features:

Fluster Cluck takes players on an out-of-this-world, cosmic adventure riddled with fast-paced challenges, unusual intergalactic beings, and quite a few flusters to keep gamers coming back for more.

Players come to the aid of two lowly Chikkin Koop employees, Pimento and Cornichon, to help them “chikkinize” everything in sight in hopes of realizing their dream of being promoted to middle-management. The fast-paced time-trial, action shooter game features single and multi-player modes that have players gathering resources by abducting cows, camels, zombies, and battling enemies as they strive to unlock new equipment and climb the corporate ladder.

We also learn that the game will be released on the PSN for PS4 this summer, and will be playable at E3 exclusively at the Nyko booth.

LOOT Entertainment Managing Director David Sterling accompanied the announcement with a comment, also explaining that the game will feature couch multiplayer involving up to four players on top of its single player campaign:

Since the dawn of videogames, memorable adventures are those that feature high degrees of competition and challenge.  Fluster Cluck is one of those games. In addition to an engaging single player campaign, Fluster Cluck also features a riotous local multiplayer mode for up to four players which will have gamers smacking the ‘cluck’ out of each other, both on screen and off.

If you’re unfamiliar with LOOT Entertainment, it’s a team of developers at Sony DADC New Media Solutions that gathers people from Sony Computer Entertainment, Treyarch and Elctronic Arts. Before working on Fluster Cluck, they have sharpened their development fangs on experience for PlayStation Home.

Below you can see the first four screenshots and pieces of artwork of the game, that show its simple but cutesy graphics and the split-screen multiplayer feature.