Sony’s London Studio Working on Social Experiences for Project Morpheus

on October 6, 2014 6:52 AM

Sony’s in house developer London Studio are working in social applications for Project Morpheus, the company said.

Director at London Studio Dave Ranyard says that the studio is currently working on bringing social experiences to the platform.

Look at our studio history – we’ve done a lot of social games.

In doing so, Ranyard hopes to involve other people in someone’s virtual reality experience, by either watching someone play on a TV or using an app to interact.

Ranyard likens this idea to London Studio’s previous EyeToy games.

I think even now you see people playing Street Luge, standing around and laughing at what they were doing, and when they come out and talk about, ‘Oh you were doing this’ – that’s part of [the experience].

Having that social screen is really important to us. There’s actually quite a lot you can do with that.

We’ve been doing lots of companion apps as well – you can interact, you can see what they’re seeing – you can imagine that with a haunted house, and you can totally see it – the payoff is brilliant

Currently London Studio is working on two prototypes titled The Deep and VR Luge, but Ranyard is unsure if the developer will polish them into full games.

Much of Project Morpheus is still in flux, he said, but he’s excited to see what developers do in virtual environments.