Sony’s Managers Disguised as Regular Gamers at Trade Shows to Check Out Games to Bring on PS4

on November 14, 2013 4:32 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has been fishing, but its reps haven’t been throwing the bait and sinker into a lake to catch them. Instead, they have been sneaking around show floors looking to “fish” games for the PS4, as explained by Switchblade Monkeys President Yousef Mapara, currently working on Secret Ponchos.

Mapara told Cnet in an interview about his experience meeting Sony Computer Entertainment Manager of Developer Relations Brian Silva and Account Support Manager Nick Suttner at the latest PAX East, and how that ended up in his game being “scouted” for the PS4’s library:

Usually you pitch to executives on their terms and you go and they’re in suits and using BlackBerrys. Sony was the opposite. They were on the floor disguised as regular gamers, you didn’t know they were Sony, and they were just checking out which games they liked….They introduced themselves and said, ‘We like your game. How do we get it on PS4?’ Before that we didn’t think that was a possibility. I actually told them, ‘I don’t think we can do that, because we’re so small. There are too many hurdles.’ Brian asked, ‘Well, what are your hurdles? We’ll help you through them.’ I think that kind of proactive approach is going to give them a really impressive indie portfolio.

Now, I kind of have trouble imagining Nick Suttner in a suit, and even more using a BlackBerry, but considering the impressive indie lineup scheduled to appear on the PS4, looks like the little disguise has worked fairly well.

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