Sony’s Marketing Muscle is Back in Full Effect

on October 24, 2009 2:00 PM

You know there were many Sony doubters this current console generation. Many doubting whether or not they made a serious gaming console or a glorified Blu-Ray player. Another issue (besides it’s ridiculously high price) that was attributing to Sony’s lack of success was that the marketing hadn’t been what it had been in generations past. Umm, does anyone remember the floating PS3 with crying plastic babies? Yeah, ‘what the frak was up with that’ were my sentiments exactly. Fast forward to present day, and following the long coming $299 price drop, and Sony is knee deep into their “it only does everything” campaign. Now if these commercials don’t make you want to get up and buy a PS3 then nothing will, and the latest one is no different. Check out the video below to see what i mean. Two words: Mon. Tage.

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