Sony's "Naughty" Tease Probably Isn't What We Thought it Was

A couple days ago Sony Computer Entertainment Italy posted something that definitely looked like a teaser image on its facebook page. Due to the wording that translates as “We have been naughty, and we’re proud of it,” and to the date many, me included, believed it could indicate something happening tomorrow, on January the 6th, possibly even related to Naughty Dog.

Unfortunately, turns out that’s unlikely, and the key to the mystery lays in the pictures that were used in the past two weeks as headers of the same facebook page. You can see them below.

The first is quite evidently a celebration for Christmas. The text says “It’s Christmas at PlayStation’s Home: Best wishes!” The second simply says “Happy new year.”

Apparently Sony Computer Entertainment Italy is the only one between the branches of the console manufacturer that likes to celebrate Holidays right on top of their Facebook page. After all, we Italians are quite big on celebrating our Holidays to the fullest.

The means that the “naughty” message left a couple days ago is most probably just a celebration of the Epiphany, like some argued, that is quite big in Italy and during which there’s a tradition to threaten kids that have been naughty with lumps of coal instead of gifts or candy (just like on Christmas).

The reason for that can be found especially on the second header above, that is quite similar to the “naughty” one, even those that don’t live in Italy or don’t have ties with Italian traditions probably won’t notice it. The red DualShock 4 follows pretty much the same design philosophy of the one made of coal.

Here in Italy there’s a tradition about wearing red underwear and lingerie (especially for ladies, but not only) on new year’s eve in order bring happiness and good fortune, and those that do are also said to find love in the coming year, and the red DualShock 4 is a representation of that, pretty much like the coal one is most probably just a representation of the Epiphany.

We don’t know why Sony Computer Entertainment Italy decided to include a date in the other one, making it definitely resemble a teaser image, and it’s still possible that something might happen tomorrow, but given the evidence provided by the pictures above, I would keep expectations in check.

[Thanks for the tip: Giorgione Mauri]


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