Sony’s PS3 Exclusive Hints at “The Last of Us”

on December 5, 2011 9:45 AM

Sony has promised fans a peek at a special PS3 exclusive during this Saturday’s Spike Videogame Awards. This morning a teaser site has gone live, ominously called “The Last of Us.”

The site features two cryptic videos. The one that immediately loads with the site features an ant struggling to climb a plant before settling on a leaf… and ceasing to move. This clip is a rather infamous one; the ant in this shot has been infected with the mind-controlled brain fungus cordyceps unilateralis, which compels the insect to climb a plant and remain still until the fungus grows out of its head. Gross.

The second is a montage of clips showing scenes of rioting, police brutality, diseases, and disquieting violence. This clip features a voice over, a man with a southern drawl lamenting: “Just one peaceful night… A clear conscience… All gone.”

Are we looking at another zombie epic? Something a little deeper? With all the recent buzz over man made flu viruses perhaps someone in the gaming community has chosen to take up the torch and address the issue from this angle. What do you think?


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