Sony’s Shahid Ahmad Wishes He Could Tell us What he Saw Today: “It Was Soooo Good”

Sony’s Shahid Ahmad Wishes He Could Tell us What he Saw Today: “It Was Soooo Good”

Apparently Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad had a full day, and he saw some very exciting things, so exciting that he saw fit to take to twitter and let us know:

I wish I could tell you what I saw today. But I can’t. I’m sorry.

My working day is now approaching 18 hours and I am officially shattered. It’s been a *great* day though. (Much respect to doctors!)

When asked if it was related to the PS4, he responded “everything!” so PS Vita and PS3 may also be involved. Then he continued:

BTW – what I saw today? Was so good, so good. Such a privilege. I’m a lucky sod.

Oh man. It was soooo good.

Enough teasing. You know PlayStation delivers, as do our partners. We’ll all keep the great games coming!

As usual, it’s very possible that at least part of what Ahmad saw was related to games developed by independent studios, that always have the lion’s share of his attention:

Some devs you call “indies” are now as big as the AAA teams of a few year ago, making unthinkably good games.

I see developers today and I know these amazing people are going to be running the industry in years to come. The future is in great hands.

We do know that between Ahmad’s appointments for today there was a conference call with Spry Fox CEO and Road not Taken developer David Edery, who posted a comment as well:

@shahidkamal You and Spencer have made working with Sony a wonderful experience. Who says console development has to be painful? : )

Now that we’re thoroughly teased, the wait starts for the day in which we’ll be able to see for ourselves what has Shahid Ahmad this excited. Maybe it’ll be at E3. Thankfully that’s less than two months away.