Sony’s Shawn Layden Talks E3 Press Conference, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, CoD Partnership and More

Sony’s Shawn Layden Talks E3 Press Conference, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, CoD Partnership and More

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden stood on the stage of PlayStation’s E3 press conference and made the crowd go crazy.

Today, during a livestream from the show, he talked about his highlights and some of the games introduced during the conference.

Here are some of the most interesting points he made:

  • Sony wanted to have less talk and more games, letting the games talk, and Layden thinks they spoke quite loudly last night.
  • They started with The Last Guardian to show the commitment to big games across first party platforms.
  • According to Layden The Last Guardian is a game that can be only on PlayStation, not because of technology, but because of what kind of platform it is and the kind of community it has. The same goes for Media Molecule’s Dreams.
  • Final Fantasy VII is being remade “almost from the ground up” by Square Enix.
  • The DLC partnership with Call of Duty: Black Ops III is just an extension of the relationship with Activision started with Destiny.
  • Layden commented on the Uncharted 4:A Thief’s End demo, how there was a little technical difficulty at the beginning, but it’s live code, and Bruce Straley recovered and managed to captivate the audience afterwards.
  • Layden loves to work with Naughty Dog and they tied “a big bow” on the end of the press conference.
  • There wasn’t much space for Project Morpheus in the conference, because it’s hard to show how it looks like to someone that didn’t experience it. It’s like “explaining the color blue to a blind man.” That’s why there are twenty playable demos on the show floor instead. Layden thinks that Morpheus is not just a peripheral, but a new platform, and it will do to gaming what smartphones did to cellphones.
  • Layden thinks that there will be two kinds of Morpheus offerings, one that will be “Morpheus Enhanced,” regular games with modes or areas that will provide an enhanced experience if you have Morpheus, but then we’ll get to “Morpheus Required,” which are experiences that can be achieved only with Morpheus, and Sony needs to understand exactly what that entails.
  • According to Layden, Netflix revolutioned movies, iTunes revolutioned music, and PlayStation Vue is gonna revolution TV in the same way, changing the way you watch TV, select your content and watch only what you want.

It’s doubtless that Sony touched some heart strings yesterday, especially with some of the games they introduced, or re-introduced. It was definitely a fun night for everyone involved.