Sony’s Shahid Ahmad and Shuhei Yoshida Sing Their Love for Indie Developers

Sony’s Shahid Ahmad and Shuhei Yoshida Sing Their Love for Indie Developers

It’s no mystery that Sony is pushing very actively to bring as many independent developers on board with the PS4, and Sony executives spare no effort in showing their love for independent games. Between the people working the most actively with the indie community there’s SCEE Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad, that two days ago tweeted something rather uplifting:

As a funny note, I had just finished writing about how SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida made sure that Mark Cerny  (that is now Lead Architect of PS4) received a PlayStation DevKit that he was initially denied, so I saw fit to make an analogy tweeting that he could be following the Yoshida-san’s steps and that indie developer could be the next Mark Cerny. Yoshida himself soon after chimed in:

Yesterday Ahmad continued, and after a quite interesting conversation on what defines an AAA game he brought a very fitting comparison on how indie developers ultimately fuel the  AAA industry as well.

Shuhei Yoshida, from the other side of the world, seems to love indie developers as well:

While I’m sure that the most cynical betwen us will think of this kind of public outings as little more than mere marketing, it’s a fact that both Shahid Kamal and Shuhei Yoshida are working quite hard to create an ecosystem in which indie developers can reach a wider audience besides PC gamers without having to undergo unreasonable expenses  compared to their finances or give up their independent spirit by finding a publisher.

What’s even more interesting is that what Ahmad said about bees and trees, and creating a collaborative ecosystem between indie development and higher budget studios rings even more true if we look at Yoshida-san’s SCE Japan studio, that seems to have learned a lot from  indie developers on creating fun and artistically valuable experiences without the need of princely budgets that almost feel like indie games, like Echochrome, Patapon, Rain and Puppeteer.