Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Explains How He Finds Time to Play Many Games and Talks Bloodborne’s Development

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Explains How He Finds Time to Play Many Games and Talks Bloodborne’s Development

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is a busy man, and he also has to travel a lot, yet he manages to find a lot of time to play games. Today he explained how he does it and more on the latest episode of teh PlayStation Blogcast.

Yoshida-san explained that because of his job, he has to try many different games, including any new games that people are talking about and that are reviewed positively, in order to see what they’re doing right. That said, he plays lots of games, but he doesn’t necessarily plays them all in depth.

When a game like Bloodborne comes out, he can justify putting many hours into it, because it’s a very important game for Sony, and he has to make sure it’s good.

He also has the privilege to play games when they’re still in development, but that means that many of the games he plays are still in a state in which they have issues. With Bloodborne he was able to play the game during the final few months of development, and at that stage lots of things still feel wrong. During the process Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team kept getting feedback from the testers and kept polishing the game over and over.

Yoshida-san was able to see the polishing process from alpha, to beta, to release, and the development team kept making changes until the last moment. The game was delayed because they needed the time to really polish it, and according to Yoshida-san, it shows.

That familiarity with the game helped him playing the game and saved him a lot of time, not to mention that when he was stuck he could just ask Masaaki Yamagiva (the game’s producer) for insight.

Another element that allows Yoshida-san to find the time to play games are cloud saves thanks to PlayStation Plus. At times he has some spare time to play during his day at the office, then when he gets home he can download his save and continue. That way he can use any spare moment to play.

Currently, Yoshida-san is playing Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and he’s taking advantage of the re-release to play the DLC, which he didn’t get a chance to play on PS3. He’s enjoying them a lot, even if they’re hard, but that’s good.

He also plays Shovel Knight (which he defines “an awesome game”) on his PS Vita when he’s traveling, and on top of that, he enjoys watching videos and streams of other players tackling Bloodborne and Dark Souls II.

Titan Souls is another game he played, but he’s stuck on the third boss after beating the first two.

Finally, he talked about his recent first meeting with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida (Incidentally, some of Sony’s producers are “totally dedicated” to Final Fantasy XIV). He was curious to meet him because Yoshida-san (Naoki) is doing a lot of things unconventionally, with a lot of live broadcasts on Nico Nico and Twitch.

According to Shu (I’m going to move to first names here, for clarity), it was a very fun evening, even if Naoki was late to the dinner, because he was crunching with his team on the expansion Heavensward. Shu actually felt sorry for dragging Naoki away from his team during the crunch period, but he enjoyed talking to him.