Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks About Balance Between AAA and Indies on PS4; Morpheus, its Price and Himself

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks About Balance Between AAA and Indies on PS4; Morpheus, its Price and Himself

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida was interviewed by the Italian website, and gave quite a few interesting pieces of information on a variety of topics, including Project Morpheus’ price and the balance between AAA and indie development

  • Project Morpheus is not just for a core audience, but it’s aimed to bring VR to a very large number of users. Sony would like it to have a mass market appeal.
  • It’ll start with PS4, since for those that already have the console and the camera the jump is smaller, but in time, the plan is to bring the application of morpheus beyond games.
  • Sony would like developers to start working for Morpheus from the ground up, as the game mechanics for traditional titles simply don’t work for VR.
  • Morpheus will be plug and play, with no drivers or any kind of hindrance, as Sony wants it to be for everyone. That’s the main difference with Oculus VR, besides the focus on consoles instead of PC and mobile.
  • Price is undecided, and the rumors about it are just rumors. Since the final product isn’t yet defined, Sony doesn’t even know the cost of the tech involved yet. There are still a lot of elements to define and improve in the hardware, and only after that Sony will be able to determine what’s the production cost and as a consequence the final price for the user.
  • Even if Sony is happy with the indies on PS4, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t focusing on AAA titles. They have awesome teams and many games that still haven’t been announced. Yoshida-san asks to be a bit more patient and wait for for future announcements.
  • The answer to the inevitable question about The Last Guardian was a “no comment.”

Yoshida-san also talked a bit about his own work as President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios. For three weeks a month he’s in Tokyo, and has meetings with his colleagues of the hardware division, talking about firmware updates and upcoming hardware like Morpheus, then he coordinates those discussions with the worldwide teams, in order to put the right people in contact with each other. That takes half of his time when in Tokyo.


The other half is dedicated to discussion with the studios. He normally talks with the American teams in the morning and with the European teams in the evening, while the Japanese ones take the middle of the day, with his usual tweeting in-between.