Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks PlayStation VR; Gran Turismo Sport, Driveclub VR and Much More

on November 6, 2015 2:36 PM

In the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida talked about PlayStation VR and about some of the games and experiences that are coming to the headset, including GT Sport and Driveclub‘s VR tech demo.

Here’s a recap of what he mentioned:

  • Yoshida-san still feels nervous before doing presentations like Paris Games Week, but the venue was smaller, and that made it more relaxing for him.
  • Sony has found that online or offline the shared experience with VR is really, really strong.
  • They have been experimenting with move, and people can come in the same virtual space and shake hands, and it’s “amazingly social.” You feel like you’re just in front of the other person. It’s “amazing.”
  • Supermassive Games has designed Until Dawn: Rush of Blood from the ground up for VR. It’s basically “a rollercoaster ride.” It only shares location, mood and characters with the original game. It’s “super fun for everyone.”
  • Robinson: The Journey from Crytek is a “beutiful game,” since Crytek is the “master of graphics.” Cevat Yerli and Crytek are very excited to work with VR.
  • GT Sport is a “totally new take on Gran Turismo.” Driveclub‘s VR tech demo is “super fun.”
  • Kazunori Yamauchi says that it’s “super natural” to drive in VR, when you see yourself and the car’s interior, it’s more natural than playing with a controller. For people who love driving games and racing games, VR is gonna be “amazing.”
  • Game design for VR has to be done very differently, but Sony and other companies have been experimenting, and not all games in VR need to be first person. The point of view has to be yours, but the game can be, for instance, on a desktop (The game displayed on the top of a table as you look at it from above). This approach works for many games as long as it runs at 60 FPS. That way teams can release the same game for both VR and regular TV display.
  • Yoshida-san has some ideas of his own on games for VR, but he’s too embarrassed to share. Yet, he’s very interested in the interaction with virtual characters.

Personally, I still didn’t try racing experiences on PlayStation VR, but Guerrilla Games’ RIGS really sold me on the system. I can’t wait to get my hands on a virtual wheel.

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