“Soon” Defined: Steam Big Picture Public Beta Opens Monday

on September 9, 2012 4:03 PM

The New York Times has brought a boon to those of us who are excited for Steam Big Picture: the open beta for Valve’s project is no longer starting “soon,” but on Monday, September 10th.

What is Steam Big Picture? It’s Valve’s newest baby, a custom UI that will render Steam’s storefront more user-friendly and applicable to gamers’ televisions. If you’ve got a big screen, this is your boon – imagine being able to scroll readily through the entire store from your couch in the living room.

In regards to the Valve’s development, even Peter Moore, chief operating officer at Electronic Arts, says, “They’re on the cutting edge of the future of this industry.”

Keep your eyes and ears peeled if you’re interested in joining the public beta. Will Big Picture have any affect on your gaming life?

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