Soul Calibur V To Employ Gratuitous Amounts of Bouncing

Soul Calibur V To Employ Gratuitous Amounts of Bouncing

“She’s got huge tracts of… land” will no longer be a phrase reserved for Monty Python enthusiasts, as anyone with a PS3 or Xbox 360 will find out at the end of the month.

It seems Soul Calibur V will be taking the already mind-boggling amounts of cleavage one step further, by allowing you to adjust the size of the character’s assets. Naturally, the costumes will only do their best to show off the character’s customizable bodies, including their buttocks as well.

Now, this is just diving headfirst into the realms of ridiculous. Boobs are a great way to get guys to pick up a game, I know. But really? Was this even necessary? I understand one of the main draws in video games is the suspension of reality, but putting aside the back problems suffered by small-framed women with large chests (there’s a reason you rarely ever see them naturally) most female fighters would bind before physical activity, no matter what size they are. There’s a reason no one goes to the gym in a push-up bra.

Heedless of my opinions, Soul Calibur V comes out, bouncing chests, blood and swear words and all, on January 30th in the US.