Soul Calibur V will be Easier to Play than Past Games. Good or Bad?

on May 16, 2011 8:00 PM

Soul Calibur V will be Easier to Play than Past Games. Good or Bad?

We’ve got brand new details on the next installment in the prized Soul Calibur series. Announced just recently, Soul Calibur V will continue the story of the games and it takes place a hefty seventeen years after the events of SCIV. Fans are no doubt most excited about the game’s fighting system, which is reportedly not the same system used in the last game. The main difference this time around will be accessibility, with the goal of enticing new players to pick up a weapon and join the fray.

This new element will likely be a double-edged soul sword. While the renewal of the series and it’s combat is a great way to attract new players or re-attract older, straying fans, it is also likely to be a disappointment to those who spent the cold hard time needed to familiarize themselves with and master the older system. Making a game easier or more ‘scrub friendly’ will always please someone but it will also always make someone feel robbed and alienated. I personally have to view it as an opportunity for the series to grow, but how do you feel about it? SCV is due on HD consoles next year.


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