Soul Calibur VI Players Will Risk Being Banned If They Create "Inappropriate Custom Characters"

Bandai Namco has warned players that they may be faced with an online ban if they create an inappropriate character in Soul Calibur VI

Customizing characters in Soul Calibur VI is a big business with players loving the fact they can get stuck in and create something of their own. In saying that though, some players have taken this too far leaving Bandai Namco having to take out the whip and scold naughty horny gamers.

On the official Japanese website, there’s a notice specifically about these sort of NSFW creations that warns people that if you make an inappropriate character in the Create a Soul mode, you may get banned from online play. The notice was picked up and translated by Twitter user @Flying_Wonkey

Bandai Namco has yet to pinpoint what they mean by “inappropriate characters”, but I am guessing they are referring to the likes of a certain lizard that was customized to have a rather huge apanage. These types of “characters” will be taken offline and many already have. I mean, you really don’t want to get poked in the eye with that thing.

Dualshockers very own customizable characters Bowsette and Boosette were a very big hit, with players crying out asking where they can find a guide for the two characters for a SoulCalibur VI build so they could do it too. You can check out our guide on how to make Bowsette and Boosette in SoulCalibur VI’s character creator here.

SoulCalibur VI is available right now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and you can pick up your copy by heading over to Amazon.

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