Soul Sacrifice Gets New Free DLC in Japan, Scary Artwork and Trailers

Soul Sacrifice Gets New Free DLC in Japan, Scary Artwork and Trailers

Sony Computer Entertainment has been very proactive in delivering periodical additional content to Soul Sacrifice players after the game’s launch, and Japanese gamers are going to receive another treat right on their PSN doorstep on June the 20th, with the 6th free DLC.

The DLC will deliver two new fearsome (and really rather wacky) monsters to everyone’s PS Vita, in the form of the Incubus and the Leprechaun.

The Incubus is a cursed painter that used to have trouble selling his art, so he started to flatter the masses with paintings featuring an “obscene dream” as a theme. Those sold very well, so the painter continued to draw more and more obscene dreams in the attempt to capture his audience, and before long he turned into the obscene dream himself.

The Leprechaun used to be three people. To be precise a set of triplets whose father was a famous shoemaker. Each had the ambition of being his father’s true successor, and they soon started to think that if they used the skin of an intelligent animal their shoes would come out softer.  So they continued looking for more and more intelligent animals to skin, until they turned on each other.

Below you can see a batch of artwork portraying both monsters before and after the transformation, and two trailers showcasing their gameplay.