SoulCalibur VI’s Newest Fighter Voldo Takes Center Stage in New Screenshots

SoulCalibur VI’s Newest Fighter Voldo Takes Center Stage in New Screenshots

SoulCalibur VI's recently revealed character Voldo has just received a plethora of new screenshots showing him in action.

After being leaked by Microsoft earlier today, Voldo has officially been unveiled as a new SoulCalibur VI fighter at San Diego Comic-Con. Following the official announcement, new details and screenshots for the character were released.

For those of you who don’t know, Voldo first appeared in the series’ very first entry, Soul Edge, and has appeared in every game since with the exception of SoulCalibur Legends. He is an arms dealer that used to be Vercci’s right hand man, and was tasked with guarding Vercci’s money pit after his death. Spending so much time of the depths of the pit made Voldo lose his eyesight, but gave him hightened senses, making him a deadly fighter.

The developers claim Voldo’s fighting style in SoulCalibur VI is “unmatched” and say that he will contort his body in odd ways when attacking. He can even attack backwards, which will make him an very unique character to both play and take on in the game.

You can check out the first screenshots featuring Voldo below. SoulCalibur VI is currently poised to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 16. If you want to see DualShockers’ thoughts on the title, you can check out our preview from E3. If Voldo’s inclusion makes you want to pre-order the game, you can currently do so on Amazon.

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