SoulCalibur Fighter Tira is Ready to Spar In Masterfully Portrayed Cosplay

Cosplayer AGflower channels the beautiful and insane Tira from SoulCalibur in a new cosplay set that’s sure to impress fans of the fighting franchise.

AGflower has recreated her iconic look in a gorgeous cosplay photo series that not captures the details of her original costume (including the armor plating) but also her distinctive makeup and hair color. Not to mention the stunning detail on Tira’s infamous weapon ring blade weapon, one of my personal favorites from SoulCalibur.

AGflower has an extensive gallery full of other gaming-themed cosplays for popular titles such as Overwatch, Dead or Alive, League of Legends, Portal, Tekken, and more. The same attention to detail is present in her other photo sets.

Tira remains one of the more popular additions to the series’ cast and it was thanks to her debut in SoulCalibur III that began her crazed quest for the pieces of Soul Edge. She has been in every installment of the SoulCalibur franchise since her introduction, including the latest SoulCalibur VI.

However, Tira was released as a DLC fighter, and not as a part of the main roster in the aforementioned title which garnered quite a bit of negative press from fans. Producer Motohiro Okubo stated that Tira required such extensive balancing that she almost didn’t make the roster at all. He wished, however, that the news of her announcement and the season pass, in general, had been handled more carefully.

In case you’ve been in a mood to clear out blights lately, SoulCalibur VI is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One — you can grab the game on Amazon if you are so inclined. DualShockers reviewed SoulCalibur VI and gave the game a stellar 9.5 out of 10.

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