Watch Us Get Destroyed by Bowsette in a SoulCalibur VI Ranked Match

Watch Us Get Destroyed by Bowsette in a SoulCalibur VI Ranked Match

Bowsette may not be an "official" SoulCalibur VI character, however some Character Creation fun means you can play as Queen Koopa in the fighting game.

We may be slightly late on the Bowsette train, but boy do we have a fight for the centuries. As I mentioned in the DualShockers review of SoulCalibur VI, one of my first ranked matches was against Bowsette–the latest meme in Rule 34-themed internet fun. Crafted with the Character Creation tools, Bowsette certainly fits the bill coming in with horns, Koopa shell, and a tail. In fact, the only thing missing from the equation is the Super Crown to tie everything together.

In the video below, you can watch me really fumble my way through one of my first matches of PvP gameplay in SoulCalibur VI — trust me, I got better. Even still, the match will show off some of the latest inclusions in game mechanics, specifically the Rock-Paper-Scissor-like Reversal Edge.

To clear up some confusion from the get-go, Bowsette is using Azwel’s magic-based move set so you won’t see too much weapon play from her outside of magic-based weapons.

Additionally, if you are totally lost on who Bowsette is, feel free to read the Wikipedia article on it (which we are surprised is a thing). For an executive summary, the character has now gained internet success as being a crossover between Super Mario Bros. iconic villain Bowser and the newly-announced Super Crown item, an object that will be able to transform Toadette to “Peachette” in New Super Mario Bros. U on Nintendo Switch. Bowsette is the natural conclusion of what Bowser putting on that crown would look like.

SoulCalibur VI will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One beginning October 19, 2018; if you haven’t caught our review where we awarded the game a 9.5 out of 10, make sure to check it out. And anyone looking to pre-order the game (including the Collector and Deluxe edition) can still do so on Amazon.

Meanwhile, check out the gamplay footage below:

Credit to David Poole, Associate Editor at GotGame for both creating this model of Bowsette and beating the snot out of me in the match.

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