Sources: Battlefield 1 Is Coming To Amazon Prime This Week

By Tom Henderson

July 19, 2021

Battlefield 1 will be available on Amazon Gaming via Amazon Prime.

Per sources, Battlefield 1 will be coming to Amazon Prime on Just 21st to Amazon Gaming.  

The free offer comes just a month after Amazon offered Battlefield 4 as a part of its Amazon Gaming promotion. 

Unfortunately, because the offer is on Amazon Gaming, the offer will only be available for PC, but you can still get Battlefield 1 by the Xbox Game Pass.

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Battlefield 1  

Battlefield 1 takes players to the battles of World War 1, with players being able to experience historic battles, weapons, and vehicles from all around the world. 

The title was a massive success, selling over 15 million copies worldwide and to some players, it was the first Battlefield title to “outdo” its competitor, Call of Duty

Battlefield 1 coming to PC as a free title will be a warm welcome, as recently the player servers have since been empty due to the migration of players going to Battlefield 4 to prepare for the release of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Hype

It’s clear that EA is trying to hype up Battlefield 2042 in as many ways as possible and bringing fans back to Battlefield 1 is a smart way to bring more fans back to the franchise. 

Despite Battlefield 1 not being set in the same setting as Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 1 is considered by fans to be one of the better Battlefield titles that have been released in the past several years. 

It’s unclear whether if Amazon will bring Battlefield V to Amazon Gaming soon, but judging by their recent free game releases, it could be on the horizon. 

Are you excited to see Battlefield 1 coming to Amazon Prime?  

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