South Korea Pulls a Three-Peat for the Overwatch World Cup

South Korea Pulls a Three-Peat for the Overwatch World Cup

South Korea dominates the Overwatch World Cup once again without losing a single set.

Well, it’s another year, another win for South Korea at the Overwatch World Cup. We saw the juggernaut of a team completely sweep this year’s bracket. That’s right, this team is now a back to back…to back world champion in the Overwatch World Cup.

The runners-up for the event were China in second place and Canada in third. I attended the event myself and can vouch for how high the energy was in the last couple of rounds. China desperately tried to hold back South Korea from sweeping them 4-0; however, the machine that is South Korea’s Overwatch team could not be stopped as players such as Fleta and JJonak had some incredible plays in the closing series.

JJonak was named the MVP of this year’s Overwatch World Cup, making him both the MVP for both Overwatch League and Overwatch Cup. With accolades like, that you can argue that JJonak is definitely the best Overwatch player in the world.

Overwatch World Cup Final Bracket

South Korea gave a brief press conference to give some insight on the Overwatch World Cup after the event. JJonak mentioned how tempo was on their team’s side during key moments like defense on Anubis. The team also mentioned how they were able to communicate well despite being a little underprepared coming into this weekend.

London Spitfire’s Tank, Fury, also weighed in on being both this year’s Overwatch League winner and Overwatch World Cup champion. He mentioned how it felt good to win in Overwatch World Cup because of the huge crowd cheering for him while giving him the chance to play for South Korea specifically.

The general consensus from the players is that this is the most talented South Korea team to date. Fate spoke on South Korea’s dominance, saying Koreans, in general, have a “competitive nature” and are always looking to take on one another. The team also mentioned some success is credited to the great number of PC cafes for them to play in often.

Moving forward, South Korea will be the team to beat as well as its star-studded cast in the regular Overwatch League.