South Korean “Tekken Crash Returns” Show Will Air Tekken 7’s First Official Tournament

on January 27, 2015 4:10 PM

“Tekken Crash Returns,” which is a South Korean Tekken TV show that has players compete in tourney-like fashion, will be hosting a Tekken 7 tournament. This will be South Korea’s first official tournament event.

The competitors are as follows:

  • Team 1: Knee (Bryan), Narakhof (Paul) & NaengMyun Sungin (Katarina)
  • Team 2: Ji3Moon Ace (Kazuya), Malgu (Law) & Help Me (Dragunov)
  • Team 3: Triple H (King), Hao (Feng) & Chanel (Lili)
  • Team 4: Hankuma (Leo), JDCR (Heihachi) & Saint (Shaheen)

The tournament layout will be 3-on-3. As you can see from the roster, we’ll be able to see some gameplay from the Arabic newcomer Shaheen. Unfortunately there will be no Alisa gameplay since South Korea would have to censor her chainsaws.

You can watch the livestream below.

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