SouthPeak Brings Blood Bowl to PC, 360 and PSP in 2010

SouthPeak Brings Blood Bowl to PC, 360 and PSP in 2010

If you were to take the world of Warhammer Online, throw them American football uniforms, and teach them the fundamentals of the game, you’d be left with what publisher SouthPeak Games calls “Blood Bowl” – a “sports” game mixed in with the appealing elements of over-the-top violence.

SouthPeak announced today that Blood Bowl, which was a Windows PC-only downloadable game at one point, will be tackling its way to the PSP and Xbox 360 in  2010, along with an additional retail PC version. Right when you thought that the football season was coming to an end, we’re thrown into the mix of the Warhammer-inspired game filled with all sorts of orcs, dwarves, elves, etc. – just about every race we’ve come to know in the fantasy-ish world of Warhammer.


Pack your crotch with socks and a cup, slam your head through walls, do anything you need to prepare yourself for what looks to be a fun-filled title. We’ve provided a teaser trailer for ya’ll to glimpse, along with a couple of images to tease your manhood.

Blood Bowl will be available on both PC and 360 in January 2010, with the PSP version kicking off in the Spring.