SouthPeak Games Announce 'Crime Scene' for DS

By Yaris Gutierrez

August 27, 2009

SouthPeak has been on a roll for the past couple of months, as you can see. With their ridiculous amounts of releases, it shows that the developers have been quite busy conjuring their next big thing.  And it seems as if their “next big thing” is, without question, the Nintendo DS.

Earlier today, SouthPeak Games announced their new Nintendo DS title, Crime Scene, scheduled for release this holiday season.  In Crime Scene, players take the role of a detective; giving them a full arsenal of police tools to solve crimes and ensure that justice is served.  As a detective, players will be tasked with investigating crime scenes and untangling “suspense-filled” scenarios by using their most useful detective tools – the stylus, their voice, and their misty, humid breaths.  Don’t think this is some sort of Carmen Sandiego detective game where you’ll just be running around looking for your perp.  Crime Scene will take players into the depths of investigation as they use today’s police tools to study bodies, collect fingerprints, take blood samples, use voice recognition software, identify murder weapons and anything else you’ve probably seen on CSI: Miami.  This isn’t your familiar kids game, folks.  This game packs bodies with holes in their heads with some red stuff coming out that isn’t of relations to anything tomato.  Check out some shots below.

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