Space Engineeers Alpha Tutorial Shows You How To Build Space Stations and Starships

on October 17, 2013 1:49 PM

After the “Crash Test” alpha footage was released, Marek Rosa and Keen Software House promised to release a tutorial for gamers to learn how to build things in their upcoming game, Space Engineers. That tutorial is here, and can be viewed below, along with timestamps for particular tutorial sections.

Space Engineers is a space sandbox game being designed with reality in mind, backed with the idea of building spaceships and space stations 60 years into the future based off the idea of feasible technology that NASA may have by that time. Thanks to Steam Early Access, gamers interested in can get their hands on the alpha build of the game on October 23rd, 2013, for $14.99, and have the chance to contribute to the game’s development and final build. More content features will follow as the game is developed.

Again, check out the Tutorial below; for more details from the developers themselves, check out the Marek Rosa Blog and the Space Engineers website, where you will also be able to purchase the game, along with other distributors.

Main Menu – Quick start 00:00
Save – Auto save 00:22
Astronaut – movement 00:46
Building basics 02:03
Painting armor 03:31
Building block rotation 03:57
Object types 04:29
Electricity 05:06
Gravitation field 05:30
Building a small ship 06:08
Piloting a small ship 08:32
Building a large ship 09:31
Piloting a large ship 11:26
Building a station 11:39
Custom world scenarios 12:35
Saves – settings 13:04

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