Space Engineers Out Now With 64-Bit Version and New Updates

Space Engineers Out Now With 64-Bit Version and New Updates

As shown off in their recent video, Marek Rosa and Keen Software House’s Space Engineers has been receiving many frequent updates and new features, which must have early adopters very proud of their purchase through Steam Early Access.

The newest updates can be seen in the video below, which shows off motor blocks, and the 64-bit version the developers promised not long ago.

For newcomers to the game, Space Engineers gives players freedom in designing space stations and spaceships as they see fit, with a sense of realism added in through the physics engine, and encouragement to test, fly and crash everything they build, especially to help the developers polish the game into perfection.

For more on the game, check out the Marek Rosa Blog and the Space Engineers website, where you will also be able to purchase the game. For more on community creations, check out the Space Engineers Steam Workshop page.

Space Engineers is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99, which comes with some good perks for early adopters. For more trailers and details, check out more of DualShockers’ Space Engineers news.