Space Engineers Reaches New Milestones, Gets An Increase In Price

Space Engineers Reaches New Milestones, Gets An Increase In Price

Up until today, Keen Software House’s Space Engineers was available for $14.99. Now, with new milestones reached during development, the game has received new content at the cost of a small price increase, to $19.99.

As previously introduced, the game has introduced a Survival Mode and Multiplayer functions, on top of all of the other content they’ve released weekly since the game’s launch on Steam Early Access nearly half a year ago.


The Survival Mode task players with harvesting ore, used to refine and produce construction components. The management of resources is also based on realism, like inventory capacity, processing speeds, (which can be increased in world settings by 3x and 10x), the uranium in reactors and energy in space suits. When players die they will respawn in their medical room; if they don’t have one, they’ll respawn in a rescue ship at a distant location in the sector. This mode will come with a set of scenarios, including Crashed Red Ship, Two Platforms and Lone Survivor. For more on this mode, check out head developer Marek Rosa’s blog.

Multiplayer has been present for the last two months, and will be increased with better admin settings, dedicated servers and overall optimizations of lag and synchronization issues.

For newcomers to the game, Space Engineers offers players freedom in designing space stations and spaceships as they wish, with both a range of development tools and a robust physics engine to experiment with, and encouragement to test, fly and crash everything they build.

Space Engineers is available for purchase via the game’s website and it’s Steam page, both of which comes with certain perks, like receiving all future updates for free. For more trailers and update details, check out all of our Space Engineers news.