Space Exploration RPG The Long Journey Home Coming to PC May 30th

Space Exploration RPG The Long Journey Home Coming to PC May 30th

Prepare for space exploration Captain. On May 30, 2017 the space exploration RPG The Long Journey Home is making its debut on PC.

Daedalic announced today the official release date of its upcoming space exploration rpg, The Long Journey Home. The game is scheduled to release on PC via Steam on May 30, 2017. The Long Journey Home will launch with a price of $39.99.

The Long Journey Home will feature procedurally generated environments that will allow for the endless freedom of space exploration. The game will also feature an open questing system, so players can choose their path in a non-linear way. Throughout your journey you will harness your crew’s skills in research, archaeology, diplomacy and more.

If this is your first time hearing about The Long Journey Home, here is a brief description of the game:

It was supposed to be a short test run – a quick flight to Alpha Centauri and back. But when mankind’s first experimental jump drive goes wrong, a misfit crew finds itself trapped on the wrong side of the universe – alone, injured, falling apart. The only way back… is through.

Endless Space
Explore a living, procedurally generated universe inspired by both classic and modern Science Fiction. Meet different aliens. Find different stories. Take different risks. Learn the secrets of the universe and with them, new possibilities.

Hidden stories
Raid alien tombs full of traps and treasure. Compete in the galaxy’s greatest combat tournament. Find and research strange artifacts, and use your crew’s skills to find out whether that old skull is just a piece of bone, or the Holy Grail of an aggressive new species.

A crew worth leading
Choose four out of ten experts, all with personality as well as specialties. Far from just stats, you’ll come to know them as they share their feelings, their fears, their excitement and their concerns on the trip and your decisions. Learn how best to use their skills to help the others… and who might be willing to sacrifice themselves to get the others back Home.

The Long Journey Home is scheduled to release on May 30, 2017 on PC via Steam.