Epic Space Hulk: Tactics Launch Trailer Obliterates a Planet

Space Hulk: Tactics Launch Trailer shows the conflict between the Space Marines and Genestealers as a massive space hulk begins to obliterate a planet.

The Space Hulk: Tactics launch trailer shows off the turn-based tactics adaption of the board game Space Hulk from Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive.

This new entry in the Warhammer 40,000 universe will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 9, 2018 for $39.99 USD. In it, Space Marine Terminators, genetically modified super soldiers, face off against the Genestealers, residents of the titular space hulks, essentially floating pieces of various starships clumped altogether. Space Hulk: Tactics has two non-linear campaigns, each telling a new story, as well as a new card system. You can fully customize four Space Marine chapters and four Genestealer Hive Fleets to your liking for play. A mission editor is also featured and is inspired by the building scenarios in the board game, allowing you to create and share your own maps very easily.

Those who pre-order via Steam get instant access to the beta on PC and 10% off. You can watch the launch trailer below which shows off some Space Marine Terminators fighting Genestealers as a space hulk begins to crush a planet.

Witness endless battle and the doom of a world in the Space Hulk: Tactics launch trailer!

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