Space Invaders Infinity Gene hits XBLA and PSN

on September 16, 2010 1:00 PM

Space Invaders Infinity Gene hits XBLA and PSN

Sometimes you have to go back to define the games of the future. One of the most popular games of all time is back with a reboot on consoles after making a splash on mobile phones last year. Space Invaders Infinity Gene from TAITO and Square Enix is available now for download on PSN ($9.99) and XBLA (800 MS Points) as a whole new generation of gamers is being exposed to one of the games that started it all.


  • Your ship, the stages and even the game system itself evolves as you play. Watch as the game makes an amazing transformation from a 2-D to 3-D shooter.
  • Music Mode – generate stages based on music stored on your console. The music itself determines the stage that is generated!
  • Bonus Mode – unlock bonus stages as you play through the regular mode.
  • All-new Challenge Mode – play 99 randomly-created stages and post your score online.
  • Unlock new weapons – 3 exclusive to this new version.
  • Unlock new stages for additional play.
  • Players can see where they rank during play with a real-time ranking system.

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