Take A Look at This NBA2K Fan Made Space Jam 2 Trailer

Take A Look at This NBA2K Fan Made Space Jam 2 Trailer

Fans have started to get a bit restless waiting for the long-awaited Space Jam 2 starring Lebron James, so one fan created his own trailer for the movie.

Space Jam 2 is currently being created with Lebron James, however, we have barely had any information on the movie. We know that Lebron James will take the main role, but he has reportedly had trouble recruiting some other NBA stars to play in the movie. So, the long-awaited move will have to wait for a little bit longer. Now, fans have got a bit restless, so a fan went to NBA 2K to create their own trailer. The trailer features the new and improved monstars, dunks, and a bottle of Hennessey.

The trailer begins with a Carmelo Anthony and fellow players Isiah Thomas, Demarcus Cousins, Draymond Green, and Javale Mcgee transforming into the iconic Monstars team. I am not sure who created this mod, but bravo to them because it looks fantastic. Plus, I don’t think I could find a better collection of players to portray the modern Monstars team.


Of course, you have Lebron James taking the new lead with the famous toon squad jersey, which happened to be our team name and jerseys during college intramurals. His longtime NBA buddy and recent retire Dwayne Wade join the Tune Squad, along with JR Smith, Travis Scott, and I believe comedian Michael Rapaport. It could be Bill Murray, but looks a lot like the former. To put the cherry on top of the whole video, instead of Michael’s Secret stuff, we get a look at JR’s secret stuff, which, of course, is a bottle of Hennessey. You can take a look at the fan made trailer in the tweet below.