Space Simulator Take On Mars Takes You To The Red Planet, Deimos and Beyond

on November 11, 2013 12:08 PM

Take On Mars puts players into the seat of a Rover Operator, giving players direct control of a fully simulated, customizable mobile Rover or stationary Landers to complete various scientific objectives.

The new update, Deimos, gives players new locations to explore, including one of Mars’ moons, the eponymous Deimos, and the Asteroid Belt. Players will also be given a Zero-G Probe vehicle, and enjoy “dynamic” mission generation and a “spectacular” new weather system.

The new trailer for Deimos is included below, as well as the Gameplay trailer, to show off more of what Take On Mars has to offer.

Take On Mars was released on August 1st as part of Steam’s Early Access Program. For more on the game and the Take On series, check out the “Take On The Game” website.

Gameplay Trailer

Deimos Trailer

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