Spartan Fist Shows Off Some Voxy Boxing With Announcement Trailer

Spartan Fist Shows Off Some Voxy Boxing With Announcement Trailer

Get ready for some boxing meets Minecraft graphics with Spartan Fist. This first-person puncher has disgraced detective joining a fighting ring. Why not?

Washington based developers Glass Bottom Games are bringing some first-person punching to PC and Mac with Spartan Fist. The company just released an announcement trailer for the title and it contains all the arena brawler combat you would expect from nomenclature such as that. While no price has been given, the team has a launch window of 2018. On top of this, IndieFund has partnered with the studio to and financial support to its development.

You play as Emma, a broke detective that can seem to escape her own bad luck. But fortune seems to smile on her as she uncovers an underground fighting ring. Now she finds herself infiltrating the secret organization to figure out the mysteries within and uncover the fabled Spartan Fist.

Gameplay will be a mix of first-person shooters and Arms. You need to get up close and personal to pop your foes until they go pop. There are different themed gloves that you can pick up to give yourself different advantages: one pair will stun enemies while another performs a drill punch. Each arena will be procedurally generated for even more variety.

Glass Bottom Games also provided the following features:

  • Radical first-person punching aimed at ultimate satisfaction
  • New arenas to explore every time you play, chock full of new stuff to wreck
  • A double fistful of fun to button-mash combo slammin’ action with a high skill ceiling
  • Colorful and vibrant pixelated characters in tandem with gory violence
  • A ton of different playstyle-changing fist types (to hit dudes with)
  • Mysterious things to dip fists in (maybe it’ll give you power! OR NOT)
  • The punk/chip fusion sounds of “Chipunk” in an all-original soundtrack
  • The continuing saga of Emma and Franky, forever-friends from our previous games

With such a strange concept, Spartan Fist definitely stands out in its oddness. And where else can you find a strange mix of Gladiator, Jessica Jones, and Punch-Out all in one plucky package?

The announcement trailer is available to rough up below: