Speedrunner Finishes Spelunky 2 in Under 3 Minutes

This speedrun of Spelunky 2 currently holds the world record for fastest any % run

By Otto Kratky

October 1, 2020

If you’ve played Spelunky 2, you know that the game is absolutely ruthless. It throws level after level of procedurally generated enemies, traps and tricks your way to stop you from reaching its end. Spelunky 2 isn’t just a hard game, it’s extremely punishing. But to speedrunners, punishment doesn’t matter, just results. That’s why one runner has been working their way through the caves of Spelunky 2 and has clinched the world record time with the first run under three minutes.

Going by d_tea on YouTube, the speed runner’s world record attempt is astonishingly fast. They move around the random levels as if they already know what’s up ahead, or at least with an unmatched level of confidence. Since speed is the goal here, d_tea doesn’t bother with enemies, pets, gold or anything other than reaching the next level as fast as possible. To that end, at their first opportunity, they nab a teleporter from a shop, avoid an angry shopkeeper, and phase through the rest of the game.

After the game’s first area the run really picks up. At this point, d_tea is teleporting through walls and floors at a frenetic pace. They only stop their momentum to steal another great item from a shop, a jetpack.

The run ends with a final boss battle against Tiamat, a massive statue that summons enemies from the game’s other levels. For other players, this battle would be a heart-pounding culmination of an over 30-minute-long run. For d_tea, it’s a win as simple as telefragging the boss, all it takes is a few seconds. The official final time for the run was 2:53.766, a mind-blowingly short time to finish a game that takes some over 40 hours to beat once.

This isn’t the first run d_tea has uploaded – two weeks ago they posted a video to their channel of another speedrun in the same category, albeit at a much slower 3:36. If you want to see more impressive Spelunky 2 speedruns, I’d say their YouTube channel is a great place to keep an eye on.

Spelunky 2 is available now on PC and PS4 for $19.99.

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