SpeedRunners Surprisingly Launches on PS4 with an Awesome Trailer

SpeedRunners Surprisingly Launches on PS4 with an Awesome Trailer

tinyBuild Games released its popular four player competitive platformer SpeedRunners on PS4 today, following its launch on Xbox One last month.

DoubleDutch Games and tinyBuild Games surprisingly announced today that SpeedRunners is now available on PS4, and put out a new thrilling launch trailer for this version of the title, which has already sold over 1.5 million copies. The trailer shows a brief humorous cinematic, and then showcases about a minute of gameplay.

For those who don’t know, SpeedRunners is a four player competitive platformer set in a world where heroes compete to see who can get to crimes the fastest. Players must use things like power-ups and grappling hooks to knock their opponents off screen and win the “race”. The game hit Early Access all the way back in late 2013, and ended up becoming extremely popular with YouTubers and streamers, kickstarting the tinyBuild publishing brand. The game officially launched on PC April 19, 2015, before coming to Xbox One on June 1 of this year as part of the Games with Gold program.

SpeedRunners costs $14.99 on PSN, but also has four DLC packs that players to purchase for $2.99 each: the Trial Pack, Mr. Quick’s Speedy Bunch, FortKnight’s Fast Faction,and Salem’s Sprint Squad. All of these can be purchased alongside the base game in the SpeedRunners Deluxe Bundle for $16.99.

You can watch the PS4 launch trailer below. SpeedRunners is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.