Spend $100 At the Square-Enix Store, Get a Clock

For the next month, Square-Enix is giving you something free in return for spending your cash at their online store.  You’ll be presented with a Square-Enix Products digital clock when you spend $100US or more at their store.  This offer is good from today, January 19, through February 19.  Let me tell you, it’s way too easy to spend more than $100 at that store, too.

In preparation for the Final Fantasy XIII launch in less than two months, let’s take a look at some pretty nifty items.  One thing that always impresses me is the quality of their character jewelry.  That would be replicas of the jewelry the characters wear in the games.  This one is no different.  Here’s Serah and Snow’s pendants from FFXIII.  As Squeenix puts it, “just in time for Valentine’s Day.”  So, if you and your significant other are over-the-top into FFXIII (like I am, but my wife would kill me if I bought her this instead of real bling), you might want to check it out.  How much will they set you back?  Do you really want to know?  Let’s just say, if you buy only one, you will definitely be getting a clock.  (The Snow pendant is $229.99 and the Serah pendant is $249.99.)

Okay, how about something with less sticker shock.  Here’s a FFXIII Lightning key chain.  This comes in at $19.99, and is a cool addition to the more thrifty Final Fantasy fan’s collection.  But, unfortunately, your support of Squeenix’s plan for world domination by purchasing this key chain won’t net you the nifty clock above.  Still…it’s something, right?

The Square-Enix store has some really cool product replicas and such, especially the jewelry, as I mentioned.  The only problem – it’s excellent quality and thus is rather pricey.  But, if you’re in the market for a new digital clock and are buying some Final Fantasy swag anyway, might as well check it out!

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